Getting fit into equipment that produces proper numbers can significantly impact your driver distance.

Looking at dispersion charts can help make easy comparisons between club models and shafts.

All of our fitting carts have the company's current year full line of iron and driver heads along with many shaft options.

Happiness is a long walk with a putter.
Greg Norman

We are the area's premiere golf custom fitting center.

Mike Harmon is our golf professional and certified master club fitter. Come see him at Swing Rite and get a top notch fitting with a higher level of expertise and club fitting knowledge than anyone around. Mike has the experience of working with over well over 1000 different golfers of all skill levels from beginners to competitors at the highest levels. You will leave happy with the perfect club or set fit perfect to you.

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We offer a unique custom fitting experience that combines the use of a launch monitor while still hitting balls outside on the actual range.

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What is custom fitting? 

Custom fitting is a process where golf clubs are tailored to an individual. Club fitting can accomplish several different goals

* adapting to a player's physical dimensions (taller/ shorter, larger hands, stronger, etc)

* reduce the impact of a consistent swing fault

* achieve a desired ball flight
* to eliminate a specific shot

* hit the ball more in the sweet spot

* optimize distance and accuracy with the correct combination of shaft and club head

Golfers of all skill levels will benefit from being fit. How can custom fitting help you?

We can help you hit your irons more accurate, fill the yardage gaps in your bag, hit your driver farther just by getting the right combination without changing your swing.

These flightscope images below are from actual fittings with golfers here at Swing Rite. We can precisely chart where each club set up is going and compare for distance and dispersion. Helping you choose the most accurate and/or longest irons available and get a driver that goes farther.

Golf Driving Range

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